Dance for your food, Bitch!

Posted by Christine on July 20, 2009 in Animals |

This weekend we hit up the Toronto zoo. For those of you who are curious, it is a wonderful zoo with lots of animals and is great for kids. It is however ENORMOUS and you must literally hike between most exhibits. No joke, I needed my boots, hiking pole, and a camelback for this place. I’m pretty sure the designer of this zoo is a fan of hills. Holy Crap. There were more peaks at this zoo than there are at the Miss America Pageant.

We happened upon the bear den and noticed that the keepers were about to feed the bears lunch. I was all, “cool, I wonder if they feed them slabs of meat that is still mooing”. No luck, they only get fruits and veggies. Boring. Listen Lady, you could spice it up a little. If you are going to bore us with fruits at least stick your hand through the fence with the apple.

There were two large bears in this den and the smaller of the two put on quite a show. He was so excited about eating he would literally dance in front of the keeper. Like, “OOHHH, Here. Here I am. Feed Me. Yep Me. Don’t forget about me. Oh, let me impress you with my moves. That’s hot. I’m right here. Feed Me. Please. Please.” I’m pretty sure after about 5 minutes of this the zookeepers start doing this only for shits and giggles. I think I may try this when I feed my daughter.

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