Stranger Danger

Posted by Christine on August 26, 2009 in food, People |

Last night I was grilling up some chicken who-ha’s in the driveway and I noticed a strange elderly woman walking in the middle of the street. She seemed utterly confused and perplexed with her walk and kept weaving all over the road. (Keep in mind she was setting a world record pace of about 5 steps a minute).

Besides my boredom in waiting for my dinner to be finished cooking, I’m a HUGE people watching fan so gazing upon this gem was bound to occur. Ya know how most people have hobbies like coin collecting or scrap-booking. Not me, nope. I just like to observe people in all their ridiculousness.

So there I am, flipping the chicken gazongas, and she wanders right into our neighbor’s garage as though she owns the joint. No hesitation on her part to just open the side garage door and waltz right in.  Now, let me retract for a few seconds and say that the neighbors have their house for sale and they have a sign in the front yard. That’s all fine and dandy and they have had regular open houses just like any other normal human selling their house. Listen Lady, in my book that doesn’t give Joe Schmo stranger lady free reign to a 24/7 open house whenever she sees fit.

My neighbor seemed a little caught off guard by her actions and came out to speak to her. I probably wouldn’t have been so pleasant in my approach. I would have come running out of the house and been all “STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!” Listen Lady, I paid attention when McGruff was talking to me. I prevent forest fires too!

My chicken mammaries almost burned I was so engrossed in watching her.

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