The scorpio child reborn

Posted by Christine on October 20, 2009 in food, People |

Things have been crazy lately as I decided to pack up an 11 month old kid in diapers and trek halfway across the country to remote destinations to enjoy some beach time with the family. At one point I had 8 lists running of things that needed to be packed and/or accomplished before we left. We managed to make it all the way to the Caribbean and back with all our limbs attached and we didn’t even get robbed. There were some minor incidents with the sun and one run-in with a shotgun but, by all accounts, it turned out well.

It was even a relief to come back and freeze our gonads off again after waiting around in 95 degree weather, holding a kid who can’t yet walk; all the while you are dressed in denim and long sleeves. SUPER FUN, totally suggest it.

Now that we’re back, its full swing into party planning mode for Cardin’s first birthday. Listen lady, it’s not every day you plan a one year olds birthday party. We’re talking full blown Wringling Brothers extravaganza here; the elephants and tight rope walkers are all over this shindig. The offspring is really into Sesame Street so it’s going to look like an explosion of “redrum” with the amount of Elmo paraphernalia that is going to be present.

We’re going big or we’re going home with this one. We decided that since it’s her first birthday there were just too many people to shove into our house comfortably so we rented out a lodge. Plus, it’s better this way. I don’t have to worry about how much toilet paper we’re going through. YA KNOW. ‘Cause that’s not a trivial piece of information!!!

The whole fam damily is coming out for this festival so there will be lots of food and yelling. It’s likely a few tears will be shed, a couple of Italian cus words dished out, and some family drama will erupt, but hey, it’s not a party without all that. Inevitably at the end, my grandma will put her hands in the air and say, well, that’s another thing done; as though there is some almighty checklist.

I’m excited to see Cardin play with her first birthday cake. Hopefully she’ll do better with fire than Mommy. I’m super excited for her to get new toys. Obviously so SHE can have something to play with. NO OTHER REASON WHATSOEVER. But mostly, I’m shocked. I can’t believe she’s going to be one. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I layed in that hospital wondering what she would look like and how she would change me. And what’s even more shocking….I did it. The one who suffers from a lack of common sense and is prone to injury. Yep. I managed to keep her safe and cultivate her mind for a whole year. Sometimes I feel like a gangsta!

Don’t worry…there will be beer to tame the senses from the overwhelming amount of red.

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