Eye can see clearly now

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Proof that I lack common sense:

6:30 am- Snooze alarm
6:45 am- FINE. I’ll get up already
6:46 am- Put on jeans and a semi decent t-shirt. Meaning I can’t wear the t-shirt that shows a toaster saying “I want you inside me” to the piece of toast
6:50 am- Pee. Wash face. Comb Hair. Brush teeth. Put in Contacts. Slap Hubby in the butt for good measure.
6:57 am- Wake up kid. Change a diaper full of wiz. Dress her in clothes that appear to match. Good enough.
7:17 am-Lock house and leave for the day
7:30 am- Drop off kid at mom’s house. Accept slimy kiss and a half-ass wave as my farewell. Maybe someday she’ll miss me?
8:15 am- Arrive at work after 30 minutes of traffic and construction.
9:30 am- Attend meeting
10:16 am- Note that while I’m staring at my computer my eyes seem slightly blurry. Huh. Chalk it up to tiredness.
12:07 pm- Call mom. Check on kid. No puke so far today. Success. Still no talking. Fail.
1:15 pm- Eyes are still really blurry. What the hell. Give eyes good rub down. Helps a little.
2:30 pm-IM hubby that my eyes are really blurry. Can’t figure out why. Starting to get bothersome.
3:00 pm- READ THAT AGAIN. 3 pm. That’s nearly 9 hours after I put contacts in that I finally figured out that I put them in the wrong eyes and they have been that way ALL DAY LONG.

N-I-N-E –H-O-U-R-S.

I drove all the way to work like that.

 Listen lady, you would think something would have tipped me off.

Ultimate Fail

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