Like a Virgin

Posted by Christine on July 26, 2010 in Anatomy, food |

I was playing with my daughter this weekend and she was feeding me all sorts of pre-fabricated, plastic food. Grapes, pizza, hotdogs, ice cream.  Instead of gaining 400 pounds of plastic weight I decided to setup some of her dolls and let them increase their thigh size for awhile.

And then this happened…….


It got me thinking. Cardin’s synapses aren’t fully formed yet, so psychologically she’ll never be able to remember the first two years of her life and all the times I got dressed in front of her. Plus, let’s be realistic lady, I gave birth to her and breastfed her…if that wasn’t traumatic then I doubt throwing a shirt on in front of her is going to do any more damage. Listen Lady it’s times like this, when ice cream cones get turned into boobies that make me wonder if I’m damaging my daughters psyche.

I guess I should be thankful she didn’t take the two small cherries and put them in the baby’s crotch.

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