snowmageddon 2011

Posted by Christine on February 26, 2011 in Nature |

Yesterday we got pounded with a huge snowstorm. And by huge I’m not talking about the 1 or 2 inches that shuts down North Carolina or Washington, DC.  Let’s just put it this way…I needed to bust out the emergency snow shovel in order to get out of the parking lot at work.

Let me just go on a side tangent for 30 seconds about this snow shovel. One year, while I was still young, vibrant, and in college, my mom got both my brother and myself an emergency snow shovel for Christmas. Yay….that was a fun toy. We sorta looked at her like, yea….ok….you want me to carry this around in my trunk because ????  Sure lady, if it will appease you. Fast forward a few years and both of us have used that snow shovel in more than one situation. It was not one of my finer momments pulling that sucker out.

Anyways, the snow was so high that Brett left work and came home to snow blow the driveway instead of pickup Cardin. Later, when I arrived home with her, we went outside for a few minutes of playtime. This is what we ended up making.

OK……so, maybe I can’t lay claim to that. But we did manage to carve this out of the snow.

Oh and ps…..3 more days

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