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Brett works for the city school district so we are lucky enough to have state health benefits. It’s a good thing too, because with the way I rack up claims we’d spend all our savings on hospital bills. So far, 2011 has been a blur of one insurance claim form after another.  And they have been doozies too!


Listen Lady, when I play, I play big. I even had a prescription filled the other day for my migraine medication. Apparently the medication is so fancy that no generic exists yet. The pharmacy rang up the 18 pills and the total was $463. That’s almost two car payments. That’s $25 bucks every time I pop one of those suckers in my mouth.

We are lucky that the insurance we carry covers the majority of these costs. We have had to pay very little over the past month. It is discouraging to think what others shell out to insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors offices.

If anything, I think I’ll keep Brett around just for his insurance coverage 😉


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