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I know you routinely come here for to much information, but we won’t be discussing sex today so please don’t infer too much from the title. Instead I’d like to indoctrinate you into the world of whoopee cake. Behold it’s glowing white domes of magnificence, each wave delicately draped over moist chocolate cake to form a perfect combination.

This cake is so special, so difficult to make, that we are only blessed with it’s presence three times a year. My mother is the only one who can make it to perfection. She originally got the recipe from my Dad’s mother and I credit my Irish heritage for this treasure. Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday so Cardin and Mimi spent the day baking in the kitchen.

Many people would compare it to a marshmallow type frosting. It’s similar, but not quite as thick as Fluff; it’s lighter and more airy than Fluff. Most of the extended family would pass on this cake and even my husband doesn’t get the big appeal. My dad, brother, and I….well we go all Lady Gaga crazy when this cake comes out. Listen Lady, there are certain rules with this cake.

1) this becomes breakfast food after a birthday party

2) corner pieces are reserved for us because they have more frosting

3) plates must be licked of excess frosting

4)  waste is unacceptable

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