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Posted by Christine on July 20, 2011 in customer service, Kids |

Listen Lady has been encountering some major technical issues as of late so I apologize for my lack of communication. My amazing blog administrator has been working nonstop to help work out these kinks and I’m going to give him an obscenely blatant plug right here. If you need any sort of web design solution created for you at an affordable cost, ajlmedia is your man. This guy brings perfection to a new level and he will work tirelessly to meet your needs. This blog certaintly would not exist without his help and techinical expertise.

On a side note, Cardin is really into playing with her baby doll lately. She decided to cut her doll’s finger nails yesterday. She went and got the nail clippers and came back and sat down right on top of the baby so she could get the best viewing angle.

Listen Lady, I’m not quite sure where she learned this technique from. It’s actually a bit concerning to me as I’m 99% confident I’ve never cut her nails this way. Maybe I fell on her a time or two?


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