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Somewhere back in May, when I was diligently doing the spring cleaning, I managed to rip the screens out of all the windows for a good clean down. Having owned a house for 5 years now, I should know better. One project inveitably leads to another; no task can ever be a simple, one step solution. When I pryed the screen off the bathroom window, I noticed that the bottom right hand corner of the casement was all molded and rotten. WONDERFUL.



The window’s in the house are not the original, but they also are not brand-spanking new. A couple years ago we replaced the front picture window as the main living room was comparable to a sauna from the fact that there was no air circulation. It was never our intent to replace all the window’s in the house, but the bathroom has been something of a pitfall that we have been sinking money into for some time now.

Listen Lady, the bathroom seems to have a bit of a moisture issue, not unlike a chinese hooker on the streets of lyell ave. We tried to compensate for the extra moisture when we redid the bathroom by purchasing a really good exhaust fan and adding a shower surround instead of tiles with grout. We’ve gone so far as to use special drywall and have the ceiling scraped, re-plastered, and repainted in a semi-gloss to keep the moisture build-up to a minimum…clearly our efforts were futile. 

Today we sunk even more money into the mositure pit by installing a brand new slider window. The only advantage to the new window is that the casement of it is all plastic, this sucker will never rot away.  It has a lifetime warranty on breakage….go ahead Cardin, I dare you, and we can even transfer part of the warranty to new owners if and when we ever sell the house.


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