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Posted by Christine on August 1, 2011 in food |

Things have been a little chaotic lately, what with every appliance in my house rallying with a Vietnam sized riot and my grandfather being in and out of the hospital, so we put off going out for my mom’s birthday diner. We had celebrated with the whole family in early July, grouping a whole bunch of events together; we still typically go out to dinner to celebrate too.

Things finally calmed down enough last week that we were able to try out a new burger/wing joint that opened down the road from our house. We hit up Quaker Steak & Lube and it was pretty decent, nice enough that we’ll go back and give it business again. So here is the thing Internet, they are most well known for their wings, which is wonderful and dandy, but here is my small take on it.

This is western, NY….as in….Buffalo, NY. Where the chicken wing was born. We know how to do buffalo wings. You go down south or to the west coast and you won’t find true buffalo wings; you’ll find their take on buffalo wings. Opening another restaurant dedicated solely to chicken wings in this area really isn’t worthwhile since you can go to any pizza joint on the nearest corner and they can make you a dozen wings. So….were the wings good? Yes. But not any better than the normal pizza joint we typically order from.

Anyways, I digress. While we were out to dinner for her birthday, my mom got some lettuce with her meal that was supposed to be a garnish. Listen Lady, anytime my mom gets lettuce my mind rewinds about a decade to a dinner we shared in Pennsylvania. Prior to attending Fisher, I was a student at Penn State and during one of our college visits, we frequented a diner where my mom ordered a club sandwich.  

The waitress brought over our food and we began to partake in the meal. My mom had just taken a bite of her club sandwich and pulled the bread away from her face when the waitress came over to ask how the meal was. My mom, always kind and courteous, responded that her meal was very good.

Except for one minor detail….when she had pulled the sandwich away an entire head of lettuce detached and stuck to her mouth. It hung from her lip like a monkey swaying in the trees Lady!  The best part was that she had responded to the waitress with this giant piece of lettuce flapping from her gums. LIMP, LOOSE, AND ALWAYS TO THE LEFT. I can only imagine what this poor woman thought. I hope my dad gave her a good tip.

From that day forward my mom has been unable to live down this lettuce incident. There is also a small possibility that the piece of lettuce gets bigger each time the story is told. This is a dramatic recreation of the events. No animals were hurt in the making.

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