The Cat’s Meow

Posted by Christine on August 10, 2011 in Animals |

I’ve been working from home this week as our office is going through a remodel so the entertainment has been quite different. Typically I don’t have to test software while watching a two year old cut paper and ensure that we all come out with no bleeding extremeties.

While I certaintly enjoy the short commute each day and the comfortable attire (I may or may not be wearing Monday’s underwear still) I don’t know if I could commit to working at home full time. I like the office interaction and the commitment it provides to staying motivated. There are sooooo many horizontal surfaces that I must avoid Lady.

In any regard, spending so much time at home has caused us to go a little stir crazy and Cardin found a use for some of her recent aquired balloons. I thought I’d snap a photo and share.


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