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Posted by Christine on October 26, 2011 in Animals, Home |

I’ve been waiting to put away the EYE-talian garage in hopes that we’d be able to use it for Cardin’s upcoming birthday party. However, since snow is predicted for the week, we threw in the towel and spent much of the weekend cramming the shed chalk full of goodness.

All of Cardin’s toys went downstairs into the playroom and any of her outside toys, like her sandbox, got put up in the rafters. Brett hung her blue tricycle from the rafters as well and now every morning when we go to get into the car she’s all “I need my bicycle Momma. Tell Daddiee take it down.” Sure thing kid….he’ll get right on that in about 6 months time.

After we roll each section of carpet, we enclose it in a blue tarp so that the carpet does not get wet and dirty during the winter months. While Brett was laying out the plastic, I had gotten out a roll of twine that we use to keep the tarp from unraveling in this whole process. Within seconds Cardin had gotten a hold of the ball of twine and began to string it through the garage like a giant booby trap. Obstacle course anyone? She seemed pretty content with this and I figured, as long as the string isn’t around her neck then how bad could it get. I also let her juggle knives Internet.

Since some of the items we have in the garage are bigger and don’t have wheels we shift them only slightly while we roll the carpet up. At one point Brett moved his craftsman tool chest and found a shriveled up frog hiding underneath. With no sign of life, Brett retrieved him with a can of empty Campbell’s noodle princess themed soup. Listen Lady, when you shook the can, the frog actually clinked against the side and sounded as though he was fossilized. Frog legs anyone?

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