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Posted by Christine on November 9, 2011 in Kids |

Yesterday was Cardin’s 3rd birthday. It is quite unbelievable that 3 years have already passed. We started with this sweet, quiet baby and she’s grown into this loud, independent little diva.

Her personality shows through more and more each day as she makes clear what she “neeeeeeeds” from us. She’s inquisitive and smart as a whip; often recalling more details than I. Her latest “thing” is that every person have a name and I should automatically know what it is. Even strangers or people we pass in the store need names. I’ve taken to making names up now.

She’s totally taken over picking out her clothes; socks and shoes must match her outfit precisely. She plays by herself and often can be heard discussing politics and religion with her dolls and stuffed animals. She reads to her animals every night and sings in the car. She loves going to the store to browse and is hot for crafts.    

She gets along well with other kids but is still very fearful of interacting with them, especially when they are bigger and louder than her; amazingly she has no problem yelling at Brett or I. She loves to hide, but doesn’t get the concept that she’s not supposed to announce her hiding spot.

Most notably she loves dresses, princesses, and anything sparkly in nature. Mani/Pedi’s are a strict part of her routine and she hates getting dirty. This is all unnatural to me. However, she adamently defends that blue is still her favorite color. Listen Lady, there is hope yet.

She’s turned into a pretty awesome little person and, though she can be frustrating, she also makes us laugh constantly.

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