Christmas Cohort

Posted by Christine on December 13, 2011 in Family |

Brett has been ordering gifts for me online in the past few days and they have started to arrive at the house. Last night, one package arrived in an envelope and I handed it to Cardin. I was all “go ask Daddy if you can open this?”

Just as a side note, this is not manipulation. It’s just called parenting benefits.

Being the ever faithful servant, she ran off to Brett and asked if she could open the envelope. He responded, “No, its for mommy.” Apparently this was the wrong thing to tell her because she proceeded to open the envelope, regardless of his answer, and came bouncing over to me, wielding the gift like a knife blade. It was for Mommy after all.

I laughed and told her that I couldn’t see the gift because it was for Christmas and she should go put it back in the envelope. She didn’t quite grasp my joke.

Brett said he has more packages arriving today…perhaps a little elf will open them all up for me.

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