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Posted by Christine on January 13, 2012 in Kids |

At the end of last year, we decided it was time to get serious about this potty training gig for Cardin; especially since we’ve hit the pregnancy halfway point with Diego. We had made attempts last year, but she showed no interest. I didn’t push the issue, figuring she’d develop the instinct on her own when she was ready as she has with other milestones.

I’ve never been comfortable with forcing her into a developmental milestone before she’s ready and willing to do so independently. I’m sure many “experts” would disagree, but this is the approach we’ve taken with so many firsts for her. Ceasing a bottle, walking, putting her to bed, taking away the pacifier, and even with her speech; these were all stages she reached of her own volition when she was developmental ready.

I’m sure much of this comes from my background in psychology, but I’ve also learned, mostly through life lesson, that no matter how much you want someone to do something, they will not do so until they are ready and acknowledge the issue.

Alas, it seemed as though the inevitable potty training was never going to happen unless we pushed her to it. I purchased special training underwear, pull ups, and the bribe; Hershey kisses. Last weekend we made our first go at no diapers. At first she wasn’t keen on the idea of the training pants; mostly because they felt different than a diaper. However, she has done exceptionally well all week long and has even started to tell us she needs to use the potty.

Whether it is 7 am or 10 pm, she so gracefully reminds us each time that she gets a Hershey kiss. Fingers crossed the trend continues.

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