Simma Down Now!

Posted by Christine on February 21, 2012 in Kids |

In recent weeks, we have noticed that Cardin’s temper and independent spirit are taking flight. For instance, last week she threw the remote control at me when I didn’t immediately respond to her request to watch a movie. And today, while at my parents house, she chucked a banana across the room in anger. “IT WAS A DRIVE BY FRUITING!!!”

Listen Lady, she is obviously testing boundaries, patience, and the cause and effect relationship between gravity and soft fruit. Typically we put her in timeout after these occurrences and after a minute or two discuss why we don’t throw objects in the house. It seems that my rational approach to her temper is not yet working effectively.

I’m not overly surprised by her recent reactions. She’s at the perfect age to test us and try and declare some independence. Coincedently, this all began to occur right around the time that I began to focus more energy on preparing for Rory’s arrival and we began to transition her to rely more on Brett for her needs.  Unfortunately, it seems as those this is only the precursor to the monsoon of emotions that will be displayed once Rory is actually born.

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