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Posted by Christine on February 2, 2012 in Shopping |

With Rory scheduled to make an appearance in just about 15 weeks I’ve started to get some things ready for his arrival. I know, you’re all 15 weeks is sooooooo far away, why worry about that now? That’s an entire semester of college people!!  Think about how much ridiculousness we shoved into those minutes. Granted, I sleep and drink a lot less now.

I’ve always been a planner and organizer; a trait I’ve collected from my parents. All through high school and college I used to carry around an agenda. It was my guide to life; aappointments, due dates, birthdays, power hours….everything was neatly organized by day. Listen Lady, life is no different now, except that my agenda resides in my phone and I’m able to keep a backup copy; which only exaggerates my need for order.

My need for organization spills over in a compulsion to create lists. All sorts of to do lists, shopping lists, cleaning lists. IT’S A DISEASE!!! With the way the pregnancy is going and the restriction of no driving, I’ve spent a LOT of time in the house recently; creating lists and organizing baby things for Rory’s arrival.

One of the items on my list to buy was a new diaper bag. The bag we used with Cardin is long gone and not because she is being potty trained now or because she vomits at a less frequent rate. Rather, it is because the bag became so over used and mangled with the amount of clothing, vomit bags, burp clothes, and extra wipes we needed to carry around just to make it through a 2 hour outing.

So, a few weeks ago I began my quest for a new diaper bag; one that will hopefully take less of a beating and not require so many washings to remove vomit stains. There are numerous styles of diaper bags and all sorts of price ranges, but let’s be honest folks, do you really see my carrying around a designer bag? Luckily, this narrowed our search immensely as I could weed out all the ugly crap that would not mesh with my t-shirt and jean attire.

After a few weeks of searching and reading reviews, we finally settled on a green messenger bag. The bag was slightly pricey than what I had originally intended to spend, but a found a coupon and had a $20 gift card to the baby store, so in the end I was pleased with the purchase.

From all the reviews, you can shove a whole lot o’shit into this bag and there is a convenvient front pocket that is perfect for slipping your cell phone or a flask into. No joke lady….one of the reviews said that a flask fits perfectly into the front zippered pocket. We shall see about that!

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