Non-Stress Test

Posted by Christine on April 30, 2012 in Anatomy |

In the past couple weeks I’ve been going for fetal non-stress tests to check the heartbeat and fetal movement of Rory. The doctors are concerned since the morphine can slow breathing and heart rate due to the narcotics I’ve been taking to manage the gigantic organs that have been displaced all over my body.

The actual test is non-invasive, they hook a couple monitors up to my belly and I sit for 20 minutes so they can see both a resting heart rate and an active heart rate. So far, things have been normal and there has been no need for me to put additional anxiety on his small 6 pound frame. he

Throughout all the testing and triage visits, he seems to have maintained a normal heart rate and growth development. Besides sharing his room with my over sized organs, he seems to be fairly unaffected by all this commotion. Wait until he makes an appearance and the real family chaos is thrown down on him.

Cardin has attended these monitoring sessions with me and she brings along her doctor kit. While I’m hooked up to the machine, she performs all sorts of medical procedures on me; x-rays, injections, blood pressure readings. She is quickly becoming an expert in all things medicinally related to this pregnancy.

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