The never ending question

Posted by Christine on April 17, 2012 in Kids |

Internet, ya know when you were 8 years old and sang, “This is the song that never ends…” just to annoy your parents? (You’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head now). I’ve discovered that this particular brand of parental annoyance begins at a much earlier age; the roots of which are from one tiny, little question. WHY??

In recent weeks, this has become Cardin’s favorite word. Her response to anything we tell her is, “why?”. Even once we’ve tried to fully explain the answer, she shoots back with another round of “but why?”. This cycle of repetitive “why” asking continues until I shout something like…..


And there it is lady….now my mother’s voice is spewing out of my lips.

The first time you repeat words that your parents once used on you is a major milestone in parenting. The words unknowinglyy spill out of your mouth, hanging in the air, while you pause to truely contemplate the gravity of the situation; knowing that you have just broken the one promise you made when you first saw that pink plus sign. I will not turn into my parents. I imagine that as we age, the number of these catch phrases I utilize with Cardin & Rory will grow exponentially.

Don’t get me wrong lady, I’m happy that Cardin inquisitive, however, I’d prefer that we be discussing intellectual property if we’re going round for round in a battle of “but whys?” rather than discussing the need for mommy to flush the toilet after peeing.

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