Bust out the Bubbly

Posted by Christine on May 31, 2012 in Kids |

It’s Rory’s 2 week birthday today. We’re celebrating royal wedding style!! Perhaps the cake and champagne is a little preemptive? It’s already hard to believe that our little family has changed so dramatically in just two short weeks, but Rory seems to have slipped right into our routine with ease. Cardin is (mostly) in love with being a big […]


Rewind 365 days

Posted by Christine on May 25, 2012 in Family |

Rewind 365 days ago and our family of three was taking a long weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio. We took Cardin to the Columbus zoo and a children’s museum while in town for the holiday weekend. As short of a trip as this was, it will be a weekend I shall never forget. It was […]

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