I will pump you up!

Posted by Christine on October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Here we are, in the middle of Frankenstorm, expecting to receive a huge flood of water, and the sub pump in our basement decides to crap out. Another great aspect of owning a home.

It’s funny too, because for months I’ve been telling Brett that our electric bill has been SOOOO high and I cannot figure out why. We are not running any new utilities nor do we have any new machines. Interestingly, we only discovered the sub pump was not working correctly on accident. You see Internet, our sub pump is in a small enclosed fruit cellar, and in that fruit cellar, I do not keep fruit; I keep holiday decorations. It’s a perfect compromise; great storage and I don’t have to worry about a kid falling down the hole in our basement. I happened to be down there yesterday getting out some decorations and noticed that the sub pump was running and not shutting off.

Hmmmm…..seemed odd to me. Perhaps this was the drag on our electric bill the past few months!!

Since our basement is finished and in attempt to save ourselves thousands of dollars in future damages, Brett ran to our local home improvement store and purchased a replacement sub pump. He spent the later half of last evening removing the old unit and attempting to put in the new unit.

As with any home improvement project, it never goes smoothly. The new unit would not fit on the existing pipe because it was too big. Listen Lady, I do not have time for this ridiculousness. Are we really going back to the argument of “does size matter?” Of course, at this point, the home improvement store was closed. Meaning that Brett was now going to have to take the morning off to go get the new part and re-attempt this debacle. The old sub pump was put back and we pleaded with it to work for a few more hours.

Early this morning, Brett went out and retrieved the new part. Again the old sub pump was dismantled and set aside while the new unit was put on. By this point, Brett was able to do it fairly quickly. Luckily the new part did the trick the the sub pump kicked right on and started removing the water immediately. AND THEN THE SWITCH BROKE AND FELL OFF.

I kid you not Internet. I can’t make this shit up.

Once again, Brett dismantled the entire sub pump unit. He returned to the home improvement store and returned the broken one for a brand spanking new one. With practical experience on his side, Brett was able to install this new unit with his eyes closed. So far, so good. The unit is running and has all switches remain fully intact.

Fingers crossed we make it through Frankenstorm with a fully functional and DRY basement!

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