Christmas cookie extravaganza

Posted by Christine on December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Over the past weekend we had our annual cookie day. The whole extended family gets together and we bake & frost what seems like an endless amount of cut outs. There is also a fair amount of consumption of fermented grape juice and cookie judging that goes on.

You can imagine that by the time the last batch of cookies roll on to the table to be frosted, the creativity has waned. This year we made 821 cookies.

Our resident expert froster, Kristen, joined us and we have issued a new challenge for her going forward. We come up with designs and see if she can painstakingly draw them on with frosting. She succeeds every time. This year we challenged her to Double Bubble:

And Batman:


Perhaps I will start planning my 2013 challenges now?

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