Bragging Rights

Posted by Christine on January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Brett and I have had a fierce competition going for approximately 8 months now. We have each been fighting, tooth and nail, to teach Rory to say our respective names. It got pretty Tonya Harding at one point.

You see Internet, Brett’s reputation is a bit tarnished because Cardin said “momma” first and he was determined not to let history repeat itself. Let’s face it though, lugging that baby around for 9 extra months should give me an advantage.

Turns out, Rory is a total daddy’s boy. He loves to play with Brett and will sit quietly on his lap at night. And holy shit when Brett gets home from work….Rory’s arms and legs go into overdrive until he gets picked up.

I’m thrilled they have this bond, but listen lady, I still get bragging rights cause guess what Rory’s first word was:


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