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I have many nicknames for Rory; tank, bull, Godzilla, baby Rambo. This weekend he proved his bulldozer tendencies by giving me the mother of all fat lips. Listen lady, I looked like a victim of raging domestic violence fight. Rory bashed me hard enough with his forehead that my tooth went through my lip and I was presented with a mouthful of warm blood.

If we are placing blame, I’ll raise my hand for this one. I may have been rough housing with him on the floor; rolling him over and tickling him. However, under no circumstances did I give him an elbow from the top of the turnbuckle, so he could have tried a less defensive move. Unless he is getting advice from Chris Brown, you don’t go for the face!!!

Luckily the bull felt nothing and he was happy to keep tromping through the living room while I went and rinsed out my mouth.

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