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Lady, it’s been nearly seven years since my betrothal and subsequent house purchase. It’s time for a change….with the house folks; no need to start the rumor mill. Maybe it’s cause I’m 30, but I started this project back in january when I got new pictures of the kids for the living room wall. We […]


Tickle tickle

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I started feeling like complete death on Sunday night and I knew the plague was upon us. Fever, chills, congestion. Of course, I had scheduled vacation time for Monday so I could take Rory for his 9 month checkup and then take both kids to the mall to see the devil…errrr…Easter bunny. By Monday morning […]


Humpty hump

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Rory has been army crawling for a few weeks now and he’s making great progress moving around on his own. He has officially mastered the slow topple from a sitting position onto his side or belly without it looking like a dead fish flopping around on the deck anymore. However, we initially noticed that when […]



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The past 2 years we’ve used turbo tax to file our taxes. It’s been a fairly pain free process; though I had my concerns this year since I had been out on disability for so long. We ended in the positive, thanks to our new little tax deduction. Yay, Rory! Each year we’ve been saving […]


The grab & go

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Shortly after Rory discovered that he had hands and could use them to clutch objects, we witnessed the first of his manly readjustment sessions during a diaper change. As soon as the diaper is off, his hand is down there, rooting around and readjusting his junk. And here I am, yelling over the baby monitor…”BOY….you […]

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