Magic Cream

Posted by Christine on August 22, 2012 in Anatomy, Kids |

Cardin has been struggling the last few months with a lot of reflux, stomach aches, and her typical round of vomiting. Since things seemed to be spiraling more and more out of control, I decided it was time to be more proactive about the situation. First we started with an ear, nose, and throat doctor […]


Toe Truck

Posted by Christine on August 7, 2012 in Anatomy |

Babies are awesome at balancing; it’s important not to waste talent people. Because of such, I have an incessant need to balance objects on my children’s head. Common objects I find around the house are usually my go to items.  Baby Ponies, bottle caps, rocks, short people. The list is really endless. I used to do this […]


Someone better step up and catch this baby

Posted by Christine on June 1, 2012 in Anatomy |

Here it is, the most anticipated blog of 2012. The one where I talk all about my lady parts and delivering Rory!! YAY!! Can you hardly contain yourself?!?! I promise I’ll continue to use exclamation points to the max, especially to enunciate words like VAGINA!!! or PLACENTA!!! Relax folks…there won’t be nearly enough gory talk to turn you […]


Non-Stress Test

Posted by Christine on April 30, 2012 in Anatomy |

In the past couple weeks I’ve been going for fetal non-stress tests to check the heartbeat and fetal movement of Rory. The doctors are concerned since the morphine can slow breathing and heart rate due to the narcotics I’ve been taking to manage the gigantic organs that have been displaced all over my body. The actual test […]


The case of the giant booger

Posted by Christine on April 25, 2012 in Anatomy, Kids |

Cardin has a tendency to develop gigantic boogers. I’m not exaggerating here either, Brett can confirm their massive size. The other day, one booger came flying out of her nose that was easily as big as my thumb nail!! It was the king of all boogers!! (It was so big that it requires extensive use of […]

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