Young grasshopper

Posted by Christine on September 3, 2013 in Uncategorized |

A few weeks back I stepped outside on my lunch break to call and check in on the kids. While I was chatting with Cardin over the philosophical rule of Mr. Grouper from bubble guppies, I noticed a grasshopper on a leaf. I mentioned the grasshopper to her and told her I’d take a picture of it and she could see it later when I picked them up.

Listen lady, this kid has not forgotten about Mr. Hopper since. She asks about him EVERYDAY! “Mom, how’s that grasshopper today?” or “Mom, did you see that grasshopper today?”

It is as though the grasshopper has taken up residence at my office, has a dedicated cubicle, and attends daily meetings. The grasshoppers action items for this meeting: eat plant. Please plan to provide a status description by weeks end. Poor kid has no clue that Mr. Hopper has probably been eaten by some frog or bird looking for a good meal.

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