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Listen lady, last night I found the most gigantic beast of a spider in our Italian garage. Not kidding. It was playing with the kids kitchen set. I immediately defended myself with a wiffle bat and ran for high ground. Brett was putting Rory to sleep so I was on my own in defending the […]


Happy 1 year baby tank

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Over the weekend we celebrated Rory’s birthday with family and friends. It was a perfect day; the weather cooperated, we enjoyed the first picnic of the year, and made some great memories. I’m grateful for all the love that is shared for my little tanker. So my little man, I write this blog for you…. […]


Preschool comes to a close

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Today was Cardin’s last day of preschool. It seems like just yesterday we were taking pictures of her first day and watching her walk into the realm of public education. She has flourished in this setting; growing more independent everyday. She is smart and funny. She brings home crafts everyday and new songs. She has […]


Weebles Wobble

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Rory is nearly walking folks. He will walk along furniture and using a push along toy. He has also figured out how to plop down on his arse. httpv://youtu.be/JfWr3wv3JU0 I’m really excited for him to walk, mostly because he is such a tank and he is in such a transitional state right now and he […]


Landscaping trifecta

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You would think that by the title of this blog, I’m going to punch out some serious shit about three landscaping projects, right? Well, you’d be wrong. In fact I’m only telling you about one project that has taken us three years to complete. That’s right lady fans, I said years; which, ironically, was the […]

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