The scorpio child reborn

Posted by Christine on October 20, 2009 in food, People |

Things have been crazy lately as I decided to pack up an 11 month old kid in diapers and trek halfway across the country to remote destinations to enjoy some beach time with the family. At one point I had 8 lists running of things that needed to be packed and/or accomplished before we left. […]


the 5 am vomit

Posted by Christine on October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized |

Just as a reminder: Nov- Cardin is born (YAY) Nov- June- the rockstar child throws a kegger in her crib every night from the hours of 2 am- 4 am. She likely learned this behavior from her father. If you can’t count, that’s SEVEN MONTHS of NO SLEEP. SEVEN. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. S.E.V.E.N. June- […]

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