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Great news listen lady fans!!!! Rory is officially helmet free. He went for his final helmet fitting today and the orthotist gave us the all clear. Though it seems like its been a long road, it’s really only been about 12 weeks. We had a rough start, what with blister nation and all, but Rory […]


The Machine

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It should come as no shock that Rory LOVES to eat….look at him; he is one solid mass. He doesn’t just eat though, he inhales his food, and there are sound effects with every spoon; like the philharmonic presides around our dinner table every night. Listen lady, we could sell tickets to let you watch […]


Parent Teacher Conference

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Today, we are scheduled to meet Cardin’s preschool teacher for a parent teacher conference. Listen lady, that whole sentence makes me feel as though I have a job, mortgage, and 2 kids. %*$? me. The intent is to help decide on enrollment for next school year and get the recommendation of the teacher. Right now, […]



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Rory is 8 months old today and the other night we noticed his first tooth popping through. Immediately, I threw a steak in front of him and was all, “have at it you carnivore”. I’ll miss his toothless grin, but he showed no signs of teething; in fact, I was a bit surprised to hear […]


Bragging Rights

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Brett and I have had a fierce competition going for approximately 8 months now. We have each been fighting, tooth and nail, to teach Rory to say our respective names. It got pretty Tonya Harding at one point. You see Internet, Brett’s reputation is a bit tarnished because Cardin said “momma” first and he was […]

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