Child Exploitation. Question Mark.

Posted by Christine on August 10, 2009 in People |

I’ve decided to market my blog in a never before used method; child exploitation. Relax, she’s not running drugs for me, she doesn’t even know about the special room in the basement where we grow “plants”.  I can just see all of you… opening another tab on your Internet explorer window, looking up the number for child protective services. Make sure when you call you inform them that I also let her play with butcher knives and practice her marksmanship with the cat.

Untwist your panties…she is just being used as a human billboard. It’s the perfect place to market. Don’t you see?!? listenladyblogEverywhere we go she is the center of the universe. Who can resist looking at a little baby and smiling? Why not smack my blog URL up on her shirt. Onlookers can smile and get their “Awww…isn’t she cute” in and I can get some more traffic to my site. Listen Lady, it’s a WIN WIN! 

Still doubt my tactics? When she’s sitting through Harvard lectures she is going to be grateful that I exploited her cuteness to get a little extra dough.


Plus we can touch a whole new demographic. Infants. It’s an untapped blog market. UNTAPPED I tell you! Granted they can’t read yet, but imagine the hand eye coordination that I am teaching by having them open the laptop and navigate to my lonely little blog. I know, it’s like I’m mother Teresa.

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