Grapes of Wrath

Posted by Christine on August 16, 2009 in food |

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping to stockpile baby food…cause my kid eats enough of the gerber baby food jars to fill a small pool. Seriously, I could swim in the amount of applesause and pears she eats. Though her mom could probably down an entire vineyard of grapes in a week. That is until the grapes of wrath experience.

I bought some grapes and put them in a dish so I could wash them off. Little did I know there was a creature waiting inside the bundle that I selected. I let them soak in water for awhile and returned to find this specimen clinging to the grapes. At first I thought it was just a brown leaf, but it seemed to be too…wrinkly. To make sure I hadn’t summoned any grape demons, I was all, “Brett, get over here and tell me what this thing is!” If I’m going down by the grapes of wrath, I’m sure as hell bringing him with me. Low and behold, it was a bloated, brown, DEAD caterpillar making my grapes it’s graveyard. 

I can just imagine it was like that “Hungry Little Caterpillar” book where the caterpillar eats a whole through apples, pears, and probably like small children before it flourishes into this butterfly. GO FLOURISH SOMEWHERE ELSE! Don’t leave your freakin’ cocoon in my grapes. I’m sure you’ll concur with my analysis of DISGUSTING!

grapes of wrath

Listen Lady, it’s just plain gross. AND THEN…I had to go and pick the damn thing out. I’m not sure I want to eat these grapes anymore.


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