My fruitful bounty

Posted by Christine on August 31, 2009 in food, Garden |

Every spring I slave away and plant a small garden in our backyard. It’s my weak attempt to be Italian and get some veggies in our diet.  Plus, I’m pretty sure my husband encouraged me to do this pre-kid to see if I could actually tend to something and keep it alive. So far, so good. It’s been 10 months and we haven’t had a concussion. SUCCESS! The kid on the other hand, she’s a walking accident waiting to happen.

I like to try a new veggie every year. Last year I tried cucumbers and I had them COMING OUT OF MY NOSE. I started giving them away to homeless people I had so many. I would walk by them on the street and drop a cucumber in their change cup. You need food, not beer buddy!

Anyways, this year I decided I would give broccoli a go. FAIL. The plant grew nice and large, with big green leaves and sturdy stems. Listen Lady, I waited for 3 months for the broccoli to grow. Each night I would check it and my anticpation would grow a little more as I saw little sprouts starting. AND THEN… this little broccoli flourette is the result of all my hard work. HOURS I SPENT ON THIS PLANT. Watering it. Caressing it. Having full, outright conversations so my neighbors think I’m a walking lunatic. AND THIS IS THE FRUITFUL BOUNTY YOU PROVIDE ME. FML.

fruitful bounty

Broccoli is off the list from now on.

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