Rate Increase My A%@!

Posted by Christine on August 24, 2009 in People |

Remember when getting the mail used to be super cool and your couldn’t wait to see if there was a letter waiting for you. You would search through the pile, fingers crossed, that Santa did not forget about you and then rip into a letter only to find out it was addressed to “current resident”. Saddened, you would walk away wondering who that was cause you certainly didn’t have a sibling named “current resident” and it would be about 15 years before you realized that was a generic label. Common sense didn’t really get passed down to me OK!

Then I had to grow up and buy a house and now every time I open the mailbox bills fall into my lap. There is no more excitement. No more joy in going to the mailbox. And damn it, but “current resident” is all over half the crap I get here too!

Anyways…we got out latest car insurance bill and of course, the rate went up even though neither myself nor my husband have gotten tickets and we both have BRAND NEW CARS WITH BETTER SAFETY FEATURES. Clearly this all make sense stupid insurance man. As you can tell I’m pretty livid about the whole situation. I think that these insurance companies specifically send bills out on Thursday afternoon so that customers are guaranteed to get them on Saturday and then stew over it for the rest of the weekend. Psychologically this makes sense right? I get the bill and then I have 2 days to calm down before I give them a call. That is unless you live in my world.  Listen Lady, two days only increases my pissed offedness even more that I can’t call and dispute this matter immediately.

This morning I got on my soapbox bright and early to my insurance agent to question this increase. The agent is all “there has been a general increase across the board”.  And I’m all “REALLY? That is super funny because that is the same excuse I got 6 months ago when I called about the previous renewal and that rate increase”. 

Pause and trepidation. 

You know you have them when they get the lump in their throat. Then it’s time to go for the throat. Gun’s a’blazing you whip out the bill from the previous renewal and you rattle off the individuals name you spoke with and their employee number. GOLD I TELL YOU. GOLD.

Except for the part where the agent says, “we need to look into this and get back to you ma’am”. It appears as though I am up against a foe of equal determination and stubbornness. Fear not, my strategy for world domination will prove fruitful…or I’ll just switch to a different insurance provider.

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