Speed Racer

Posted by Christine on August 14, 2009 in Shopping |

Today we were walking into our local home improvement mega store and as we approached the entrance I caught a glimpse of speed racer. Go Speed Racer Go! He even had a companion.

Ok, so it really wasn’t speed racer, it was even better.  Are you ready for it…cause I don’t think you can comprehend the excitement. We stood witness to a race between two elderly individuals on ELECTRIC SHOPPING CARTS. speed racerTake a second to just laugh to yourself.

Listen Lady, I’m not even kidding you. It was a man and woman, they appeared to be married, and they were racing these puppies to their car. Which was of course parked in a handicap spot. 

The race started smoothly out of the gate, but the elderly gentlemen took the lead and then cut off his wife with a wide right turn, which in my playbook is totally an illegal maneuver. Don’t worry though, she gave  him a good berating.  As we were walking through the entrance, I saw the elderly gentlemen do a fist pump for victory.

It’s good to see that even after all these years the spark is still there.

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