Man Down!

Posted by Christine on September 25, 2009 in food |

Yesterday I was eating lunch and in the midst of moving my arm, I managed to spill an entire can of iced tea ALL OVER MY LEG AND THE FLOOR. I rock. To top it off I had to get to a meeting in 30 minutes with a wet patch on my jeans that looked like I had just peed a little. I was all, “crap how am I going to dry my pants so it doesn’t look like I wet myself?”  And “double crap, how am I going to dry my pants in my open cubicle without looking like a total fool?”  That second part was totally unavoidable. I look like a total fool even without wet pants.

And then bam, it hit me. I have a little fan at work that I use when it’s 9,000 degrees out and the air conditioning ain’t kickin’ it. I managed to rig the fan on top of my desk and hold my leg at an awkward position so that my pants could dry before my meeting. It was hot, I know!  Listen Lady, I’m like an engineer. All scientific and shit. It worked, and it only took about 20 minutes to get my jeans looking fresh.

I’m no longer allowed to have iced tea. FAIL.

man down

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