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8 years ago we watched as the twin towers crumbled in NYC. Each anniversary I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard that airplanes had flown into the towers. If you think about it, it’s funny that such a traumatic event I was merely watching on TV made my mind focus enough to remember the details of my surroundings. Unlike those in NYC and Washington, I was in no immediate danger, so I find it curious that vividly recall these little details. Hell, I even remember the underroo’s I was wearing.

I had agreed to pick up a friend and take him for a medical test that morning. I was sitting in the hospital waiting room and a TV played in the background while I browsed a magazine. I largely ignored the TV, until I noticed that doctors and nurses had started to appear in the waiting room and were all starting at the newscast. Live footage was being shown of the twin towers after the first plane had hit. All I could think was “what the hell happened?”  As I sat and watched with these medical strangers we saw the second plane hit the towers. An elderly man who was sitting next to me in the waiting room, looked me dead in the eyes and said “you’re watching history, kid”. I was pretty much in shock and didn’t respond to him. I don’t think I took the meaning of his words so seriously until a few days later when it was clear this would be a defining moment for the U.S.  I left the waiting room and went to find my friend so I could tell him what was going on. Like most other people, I spent the next week glued to the news reports.

No “Listen Lady’s” today. Tell me what you remember about that day. Can you still recall all the details?

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