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I harp and harass my parents quite often; it’s my duty in life. I had every opportunity to be a fancy lawyer or a well educated doctor. Instead, I took the road less traveled and decided to be a thorn that forever looms in their presence; even this blog is a source of heart burn for them when I use it as an outlet to taunt. Oh how my wicked words will torment.

Through all my trickery, I commend and praise them for teaching me how to manage my money. Yes, there is the occasional impulse buy, like that 56 inch flat screen LCD TV that is in the back of my Truck that I’ve neglected to tell my husband about (maybe if he reads my blog I’d be more inclined to go buy that TV, this will be a test to see if he is actually reading). For the most part, I’m very conservative with my money. I attribute most of this to my father who has always been very contentious of his money and imparted this trait to me.

My husband and I have a good savings account and we’ve been smart enough to put some money away into certificates so that the interest can grow on the money. Recently, one of our certificates that we have had in the bank for the past 17 months is maturing. Today we spent the morning figuring out how much we had made in interest over the past 17 months. It was as if I was a cartoon character and my eyes had dollars signs in them….until we figured out that we’d only made a whopping $45 bucks and some measly change.  Like a gangsta I tell ya.

Now yea….$45 is better than nothing. Better in my pocket than in yours, internet. But what happens when we break it down so we have a more reasonable figure. I just piled away a bunch of money that I had no access to for 17 months so that bank could lend it out to someone else and, in return, each month I got $2.67 for my investment. WTF. Listen lady, I could have found that in change in the mall parking lot if I looked hard enough.  I could have sat on the side of the street with an “I’m homeless” sign for 1 day and made $2.67.

I’m pretty sure we got screwed over on this deal.  I’m off to the mall parking lot to find me some change.

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