Triumphant Return or Complete Failure?

Posted by Christine on June 14, 2010 in Animals |

The past 6 months of sabbatical have been fantastic. I have spent my time studying the mating rituals of the bearded pigs in Borneo.  It was fascinating, but now it’s time to get back to the real world.  Ok… there was no trip to Borneo, but I have at least piqued your interest in the mating rituals of the bearded pigs, right? Potbelly Style!! Side note, you know Ke$ha is SO talking about these bearded pigs at the end of “your love is my drug”.

The end of winter was far from a stellar time and my schedule provided no time for blogging. Believe me; I heard the wrath of my audience. You shouted and threw fruit, probably grown on Mother F%^#$%# Farmville, for the abrupt stop in my wit. You attempted to convince me to blog again and again. You started campaigns and picketed in front of my house. I think someone might have even left a dead animal as a sacrifice to the blogging God. Maybe I’m exaggerating now. Though it seems I hit a nerve with many when I stopped typing the funny.

Listen Lady, the honest truth to why I’m back… my family has found a structure that is more suitable to all parties, employment is more stable, and I have an ASSLOAD worth of stories that I have not shared with you. So, just when all the crazy has finally settled down in my life, I decide to go ahead rip the Band-Aid off. One quick pull. Why not? What’s more fun than bringing all of you along for the ride too?

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