Communal Living

Posted by Christine on August 5, 2010 in Animals |

I had to work from home one morning and in order to distract Cardin from wanting to touch my laptop every 5 seconds; I hauled out her crate of stuffed animals.  The larger animals got set up around a blanket for a tea party.  Awww…that’s cute, right? I have such a little girl who is going to dress in fluffy pink dresses. HA. You’re all fooled. Once she had finished giving her prisoners tea and they were fully satiated and felt comfortable, she trampled each and every one of them like King Kong on his way to retrieve his leading lady. Only scattered pieces of the tea set and blooded animals were left.

 Once she had killed the elders she went for the young. All the small stuffed animals were sent to the plastic death chamber. I like to refer to it as communal living or perhaps massive prison overcrowding. Listen Lady, all I know is that I would not want to be one of her toys; she is not gentile. Look at that poor, pink quacker down there. Talk about getting shit on.

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