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Posted by Christine on January 28, 2011 in Home, Kids |

This week, I put up some Gel window cling decorations for Valentine’s Day and Cardin insisted on helping me.  I usually hang any such decoration on the front large picture window of our living room. This window is about waist high so it’s not exactly user friendly for a little midget like Cardin; she can barely reach to see outside. I let her help me hang these window clings and emphasized that they were only for looking and not for touching. She nodded in agreement, and typically, she is pretty good about listening to us…..except when mommy isn’t home and daddy is in the other room.

Such was the occurrence the other night when I pulled in the driveway and there was a small body standing on the couch, looking out the front window. Since it was dark out, it was fairly easy to see her silhouette and I immediately noticed that she was poking her knobby little fingers at the gel clings on the window.

I waved to her and rolled down my window. Internet, I’m aware that it’s the middle of winter and the windows on the house are not open, so there is no way that she is going to hear my instruction when it is voiced from the exterior of our abode. Nevertheless, I pulled out my best Listen Lady.  Unsurprisingly, this accomplished nothing.

Giving in to defeat, I parked the car and went inside. She immediately ran to greet me with a big smile and as I picked her up I asked her if she was playing with the gel clings. I got a prompt “Uh Huh”.  Then I asked her if she was supposed to be playing with the gel clings. To which I was awarded a “NOOOOPPPPPPPPE”.

I went about getting my coat and shoes off and never gave the gel clings a second thought…that is until the next morning when I lifted the shade and the window clings no longer said “love”. Now they proudly displayed “ove”. The misfit had taken the “L” and hidden it on me. I searched behind toys, in toys bins; I even did a cavity exam of the cat. No luck. In one last attempt I checked underneath the couch and sure enough, way in the back, there was the missing “L”. How she managed to get it back there is beyond me, perhaps it fell and bounced when she rudely ripped down my romantic display of affection.

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