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1 more day!!!!!!!

Brett and I are actually in another country right now so I’ve been having my assistant publish them for me. And by assistant I mean Cardin. And by another country I mean Canada….it still counts lady.

Originally we were supposed to go to Las Vegas for a combined vacation. One that would celebrate his 30th and our 5 year anniversary all in one big she-bang. Who knows, we might have even renewed our vows at the same chapel Brittany Spears used not so long ago. Wouldn’t that just be a story for our grandchildren.

Alas, we found out in December, during one wicked snow storm, that my tires were shot to hell. Now, I probably could have replaced them with less expensive tires and we could have still gone on our trip, but, ever the responsible party, I nixed the trip and we bought me really good tires. Internet, I’m expecting these tires to be at my funeral we spent enough on them.

SO instead of getting to scream, Vegas, Baby! I bought Brett a big screen TV and we settled for a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls. Clearly not as cool and spicy as Vegas, but there is a casino and most importantly, it would not include us having to clean up puke after every meal from our dear, talented daughter.

In honor of the single, solarty day remaining in your twenties, I give you

29 reasons why I like growing old with you:

29) When we go out to dinner, you still pay. Even though it’s our money, it still makes me feel good.

28) You give me your coat when I’m cold or Cardin has puked on mine.

27) You let me use the remote.

26) You listen to me….usually.

25) You take care of me when I’m a little too tipsy for my own good.

24) You make me laugh.

23) You will forever be a toys r us kid and we will always fight over who looks at the Christmas toy book first.

22) You understand me, even when I don’t deserve it.

21) The changes you made in your career so we could have a better life.

20) I can’t sleep now unless you are snoring next to me.

19) You’ve given up your man cave for a playroom.

18) You step in front of us when you question someone’s motives.

17) You make me go to bed early when I’m sick because you know I won’t take care of myself.

16) You don’t complain about my cooking and you are willing to be my guinea pig.

15) You encourage my fetish for funny t-shirts.

14) You got me a cat, even though you are allergic to them

13) You purposefully try to talk to me when I’m falling asleep so I say weird things.

12) You won’t hold my hand unless we interlace fingers, otherwise you’ll feel like an old married couple.

11) You always ask me how my day at work was, even when you know it was crappy.

10) You always tell me to splurge even when it’s something we don’t really need.

9) The first station programmed in your car is country, even though you hate it.

8) You help me with math problems and you never miss a chance to tease me about it.

7) You pull the car into the garage so I don’t have to step outside in a snowbank or puddle of water.

6) You keep me up-to-date on techie news and I never have to worry about updating my iphone or itunes.

5) You’d rather pizza and pj’s than a night out on the town.

4) You’re stubborn and you challenge me, but we manage to makeup pretty well.

3) You dream about the future with me.

2) You are a wonderful father and I know with all my heart, that you would move mountains for Cardin.

And the number one reason why I like growing old together


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