A Whale of a Tale

Posted by Christine on February 15, 2011 in People |

Yesterday was quite the day for us.  It started at 6 am with a wind storm that was blowing small dogs around our yard. I’m not kidding, Toto was waving to me.  I looked outside and noted that the garbage and recycling that was curbside had been strewn about the yard and down the street. I informed Brett that he would need to pretend he was Paris Hilton during her community service hours and pick up the garbage. I imagine this was a hard character for him to come to terms with. I was tempted to stand guard with a nerf gun, but the winds were so high that my trajectory would have been horribly arye.

I worked from home for a few hours as I had a scheduled visit for my yearly checkup at the Gyno’s office. What a fun way to spend Valentines!!!  I sat in the waiting room at the doctor’s office for over an hour before I was even called into the exam room.  I mean really….that’s an excessive amount of foreplay people.

Beyond the wind, the temperature was hovering at a lovely 40 degrees yesterday afternoon, which compared to previous weeks, was like a small heat wave. Not so much the case when I left work as the temperature had dropped 20 degrees, the wind was picking up, and my car seemed central to a snow squall.

Brett has been working overtime so supermommy has been hauling to my parent’s house to get Cardin after work. I’m convinced that the small percentage of the time when I need to pick her up I’m stuck behind a 97 year old white hair driver. Listen Lady, why are you driving? You cannot see over the steering wheel and your blinker is still on.  You irritate me and when I honk your hearing aid is turned off.

Brett finished up his overtime hours later than expected but we were able to enjoy a very romantic dinner of hamburger helper; though I can’t say this concoction is much of an aphrodisiac. And then the seal barking began. And by seal barking I mean Cardin coughing with apparent croup like effect. It was though we were at the zoo. I almost started feeding her small sardines. Maybe I can teach her to balance a ball on her nose.

Poor kid can’t seem to catch a break. She’s been sick a couple times this year, once with an ear infection. Then we had the spotted leopard reaction due to the antibiotics. Now we are fighting off croup. The best part is that, for reasons unknown to medical science, the coughing gets worse at night. Perhaps it has werewolf like properties or is like the tide in that it’s mysteriously controlled by the moon. Either way I think that the next few nights will involve a lot of infomercials.

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