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Posted by Christine on February 4, 2011 in Home |

Remember that time I bought Brett the brand new 47 inch television and we moved the old TV downstairs. Well Internet, last night we went to setup that old TV and now it’s broken. BUT WAIT…the fun doesn’t stop my friends. To top it off, the TV that was originally residing downstairs…yea we sold that a couple days ago; and it was in perfect working order.

The old TV turns on and then within a minute or two it automatically shuts off. It worked one day, we moved it downstairs, and now it doesn’t work. Granted, it’s an old school CRT television, it’s only 6 years old and the behemoth was working perfect when it was upstairs in the living room. Even though I watched Brett move the TV downstairs and I visibly saw that he did not drop it, but I’m still blaming him for breaking the TV. Listen Lady, obviously the movement jiggled something important around!

I did a Google search on “Why the F%^& won’t my TV stay on” and this is what I found out:

“The power supply is shutting down to prevent further damage. Some component has shorted
 out or opened up, and the set is shutting down. Magnavox is no longer known for   
 manufacturing a dependable TV set. This model is known for having problems with the power
 supply. Once repaired it can fail at any time.”

Super. Stellar. Awesome. Fun. Groovy. Diesel. Mad Hot. Party in my Pants!!!!!!

I called a local repair shop and was told that if it was indeed the power supply it would likely cost around $100 to fix. Key word there…. “if”. An adventure for another day.

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