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Posted by Christine on February 10, 2011 in Home |

Previously on Listen Lady,

           Bought new TV for husbands 30th birthday. YAY, points for me.

          Brought old TV downstairs to use. YAY, points for recycling.

          Setup old TV downstairs. BOO, broken.

          Brought old TV to repair shop. YAY, supporting local business


Yesterday I received the dreaded call about the TV’s prognosis. It was not good. One of the sockets on the TV was corroded plus the picture tube was broken. The repair man said that fixing the old TV would cost more than its actual worth at this point. FABULOUS.

He suggested that we treat ourselves to a new TV. Listen Lady, we treated ourselves and then the TV broke. That is the incorrect order of events. The old TV was not supposed to break, we were supposed to move it downstairs and get additional usage out of the behemoth.

2011 has proven to be the year that the TV stands in the Mayer household act like stubborn little children.
      TV stand A has been dismantled because the new TV we bought is too tall.
      TV stand B now sits alone and empty as the old TV will be laid to rest this weekend.

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