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This weekend we found a TV on sale at Best Buy for a fairly decent price. You will recall here and here that we were in need of a TV for the basement due to an unfortunate incident. Last night we rounded Cardin up and went out to buy the TV. Except that they were sold out. Super glad I trekked out in the pouring rain for that.

Since our trip to Best Buy didn’t last very long I asked Cardin if she would like to go to the mall.  You see Internet, I’m glutton for punishment. This kid loves the mall, whereas I hate the mall. Luckily, she does not like to actually go shopping, she simply likes to walk around and go to one of two places: the pet store or the fountains. She could give a rats ass about the rest of the mall.

We indulged in the pet store and threw pennies into the fountain. As you can see from the picture, she doesn’t actually throw the pennies…its more of a light drop. Seriously…I could step over the barrier and pick up the pile of pennies she dropped in and we could start the whole process over again.

And then we tried to leave. Listen Lady, it was one of those times when you regret bringing your child somewhere because of their reaction. One of those times where you want to shrink and die because your kid is screaming so loudly that its echoing all the walls and people are staring at you as though you have a third arm growing out your bum.

When I told her we had to leave, Cardin went Banshee.  In case you are unfamiliar, the word Banshee actually means omen of death. NOT FAR OFF LADY!! There is no other word to describe it. She was crying so hard and loud that she could not catch her breath. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her get so upset that she was literally fighting me to go back into the mall. I’m sure her little mind was cursing the F out of me. I imagine she was all “I will cut you woman”.

That is the last time we will ever go to the mall you demon child.

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