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Yesterday afternoon the sun was out, so I bribed Cardin with outside playtime if she would eat her lunch. It worked! I don’t really like to consider it bribing though….I like to think of it as small behavioral modifications with merit based raises. I’m really just trying to get her ready for the working world. Listen lady, I am doing her a favor in the long run.

While we were outside playing, Brett decided he was going to rake the front lawn to get rid of some of the matted down grass from the winter snow. Cardin wanted to help. Except all her toys are put away in the shed for storage right now and I wasn’t about to go digging through lawnmowers and weedwackers just to find a dumb rake. Let’s be honest…that’s an emergency room trip waiting to happen.

I found this small sand rake instead.
She was happy as a clam with it. Going around and helping daddy “ake”. Until she started to dig up some grass. There is now a small section of our lawn that has 15 divets, as though a pro golfer was attempting to get out of a sand trap. 

It’s a good thing I got her to stop raking before she made it over to the landscaping stones and we started dodging small rock pellets.

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