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Posted by Christine on May 25, 2011 in People |

Many moons ago, I wrote about some of our neighbors. You can relive that here.  At the time I wrote that blog, I did not mention a neighbor who has grown to be one of our favorites. We have dubbed him….GEEZER BIKER.  Don’t get the wrong impression from the name. He is not a muscled old Harley dude. No tattoos or leather here.

He is rather, a simple old man who rides a classic style, old-school bicycle around our neighborhood every summer. You can count on him to be out all hours of the morning and evening. We have seen him out riding on our way to work, when we return home, and during the dusk hours. The man can pedal like a monster. He must bike 20 miles a day.

Let me tell you Lady, he goes all out in his getup when he rides too. He wears a shimmering red, button down jacket usually with a pair of khakis pant. This dude is so serious he even puts a rubber band around his pant leg to keep it from catching in the chain on his bicycle. That’s like Lance Armstrong “lost a testicle to cancer” hardcore.  He wears the funniest hats and can often times be seen sporting a winter cap during the middle of a summer day.

Every time he would pass by the house Brett would look at me and in a strained voice go  “GEEEEEEZZZZER BIIIIIIKKKKKERRRR”  and each time I’d laugh; because I’m five.

Each spring we hold our breath in anticipation. Will Geezer Biker make another appearance this year? Our palms get a little sweaty as we wait out his shining moment. Beaming as he takes the corners of our neighborhood street with such magnificence; as though he was a prince riding his valiant stead.

Listen Lady…..there has been no Geezer Biker this year. No shimmering red jacket. No fancy winter caps to be sported. NO RUBBERBANDED PANT LEG, LADY. We don’t know what happened to Geezer Biker and we likely never will. His house is for sale. We haven’t seen him since his final ride last year.

Whatever happened to Mr. Geezer Biker, I wish him Adieu, and would like him to know that he brightened our days. Ride strong my friend.

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