Mrs. Petunia

Posted by Christine on May 23, 2011 in Nature, Uncategorized |

We spent the majority of the weekend outside since it was really the first stretch of nice weather we have had for any extended period of time. Cardin loves playing outside, minus any bugs or wind. Which basically makes her the distinct replica of mommy. Listen lady, NATURE IS MY NEMESIS. I’d rather sit through grueling lectures all day than go on a nature hike.

Each year I buy a hanging plant from our local garden store and this year I decided to go with a light purple petunia. I choose this for two reasons. One, I like the color and two, it can handle full sun. Last year I made the mistake of purchasing a hanging plant that requires part shade. Halfway through the season my hanging plant looked like a withered old man.

Cardin saw me taking pictures. She insisted on being in one and saying “CHEEEESE!”


I also planted some silver mounds in the front yard as I like how they shimmer. Most likely because it distracts my attention and I can go “ooooooo……shimmery”.

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